Things That Have Me Riled Up – Part II

It is March Madness and I am totally chill and not riled up at all because I did not succumb to do a bracket this year (although my pick to take it all is Wichita State).  I just wanted to enjoy the games and not worry about losing $100.  I love college basketball.  Hell – I played college basketball, so it is near and dear to my heart!  But – I am totally enjoying March Madness since I have not committed to the sweet sixteen, the elite 8 and the final four.

Loving the games

Loving the games

So……what has me riled up?  Well – I am going back a couple of weeks to some news breaking info, but this is what I have been stewing about:

1)  The NFL banning the N word – I know that this is a really hot topic, but the whole concept baffles me. Not because the NFL wants to ban use of the N-word, but because black athletes use the N-word all of the time and think that it’s OK!  And use of that word is not just relegated to athletes……you hear African Americans calling each other the N-word all of the time.  It’s not a term of endearment no matter how you try to spin it. I can’t even bring myself to write out the whole word because it is so offensive and denigrating.  (The word “denigrating” is a form of the N-word in a sense – and means to blacken something as in blackening a person’s character (Webster Dictionary) which is what the N-word implies).  Oh geez….did I really just put parentheses inside parentheses?

I don’t know if mostly white refs legislating the use of the N-word on the gridiron is plausible, but I’m glad that this whole issue has been brought to the forefront. Kids today have no idea what the connotations of the N-word really mean.  They are so used to using that word that it has lost all meaning to them.  Today’s youth need to be reminded of how demoralizing and hurtful the N-word was to their grandparents and great-grandparents. I think it’s a shame that African American sports role models would so readily disparage the efforts of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and all those who fought relentlessly for equality.

No surprise that Richard Sherman opposes legislating the n-word on the football field

No surprise that Richard Sherman opposes legislating the N-word on the football field….

And would Richard Sherman just stop tweeting?  We know, we know……he’s the best effing corner in the league and you better agree with it cuz he will “mistweet” you on twitter.

2) Taking down the Flappy Bird app – who in their right mind removes an app that is making you $50,000/day?  Vietnamese creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, proved he was a real dong by removing his money-producing app because he felt it had become an “addictive product.”  Dude – that’s what commerce in this country is all about – getting the consumer hooked on your product!  It’s called success!  It’s what we all wish we could do!  Within a 24 hour period of Flappy Bird being pulled, there were 293 new iOS apps released by the App store and 95 of those were Flappy Bird clones.

So – I’ve thrown my hat in the app-world ring.  I have ingeniously come up with a combination Flappy Bird/N-word app of my own.  I have combined my “Riled Up -Part II” emotions into a potential business! At the risk of my app being stolen by some shithead, I am debuting it here on my blog.    Yes – this is a combination app of 2 very hot topics and could possibly be the next million dollar concept.  Granted my graphics are rudimentary, but that could be rectified by some 8 year-old nerd that I plan on employing to work up a prototype.  So – I am counting on all 6 of you readers of my blog to go to bat for me when this goes to litigation and vouch for the fact that you saw it here first.

Here is my debut “Ref the N-word” app:

Ref the N-Word App

Ref the N-Word App

You saw it here first, folks!  The new “Ref the N-word” app!  Sweet!