Obviously I like the sun, hence the title of my blog.  Has the sun truly affected my mind……depends on who you ask.  Maybe I didn’t wear strong enough UV ray blocking sunglasses, perhaps the sunscreen was expired, or maybe it was (is) the consumption of copious amounts of wine.  But I think I have some really deep (like Jack Handy deep) and totally random observations that you might be interested in.  It’s not fair for me to keep all of these ridiculous insights and crazy experiences to myself, so I set up this blog because I am a giving and sharing type person………..you’re welcome.

I am the mother of 3 grown children and still consider myself relatively sane.  I work full-time for a major university and have a Master’s degree so I won’t be using any double negatives or words like yinz and y’all in my writing unless someone double dog dares me.  However, I might use a “bad” word every now and then or every other sentence.  So, I have to warn you (and my family) that this blog may be rather irreverent at times.  I will be taking creative/poetic license often , so don’t be shocked  at some of the language (OK Mom??)…..it’s purely for effect.  Hey – if ya hang around college kids long enough, the language tends to deteriorate.

I have an absolutely hilarious husband who says he is funnier than Jay Leno (that’s up for debate, but I tend to agree)……he will be providing a lot of fodder for this blog, so you can blame him for some of the posts.  I have 2 golden retrievers who slobber up my house and, when you are reading my blog, you might find a bunch of dog hair on your computer screen that has strayed over cyberspace from my house to yours……sorry about that.  So – yeah – that pretty much gives you an idea of what a truly interesting and dynamic person I am (yawn).


8 thoughts on “About

  1. LOL! I needed to see this today..made my day of major life mostly sucks to day pleasant..YOU write in color and I visualize it all! I remember your off the cuff humor and I think you sing to …loved your rendition on Don’t rock the boat while at the OC that is New Joisy! So twist my arm I won’t say uncle…the golden tumble weeds of hair are blending in with all that I live with day in day out. wouldn’t have it any other way. Tell me more! Joe Jez


    • Thanks, Joe! We all had a good time growing up, didn’t we?! I promise to liven up your days with my weird sense of humor as long as you keep me posted on what’s going on with you……together we’ll laugh the day away!


  2. Oh, Julie – am I allowed to use your real name on this blog site? Not sure how incognito you want to be. I love your about section. To be honest, nobody really needs to read your blogs, they just need to watch Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens and there ya have it!! Your blog is going to be so fresh!! Mom is going to love this!! You know how much she loves “stories”!


  3. Any chance that Sunburnt Mind was born when you were jonesing for the Caringbridge site of last year? I miss it, too! Will yours also have a happy ending? Yours, too, is full of fun, laughs and real life.

    Now that we know how to collect wine glasses on a budget, would you please explain why it is that we are destined to become good friends with our hairdressers, and find it harder to break up with them than a loyal boyfriend? I’ve always wanted to know.

    No kid was funnier than you. Thanks for continuing it into the other side of life!


    • Ha! I do miss the Caringbridge posts……..mine will always have a happy ending just like Leah’s/Hazel’s! Excellent thought about the breakup of hairdresser vs. boyfriend conundrum. Let’s co-blog on that one!


    • Life got in the way, Taylor. Recently retired, so may get back to blogging again since I have a crapload of experiences to relate and insights to impart! Thanks for reading!


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