Things That Have Me Riled Up!

So much has been happening in the news lately, that it’s hard to keep up with everything.  But I’ve tucked away some gems that I plan on expounding on so you’re gonna want to stay tuned to Reflections of a Sunburnt Mind!

Although old news, I have to say that keeping tabs on all the Olympic events was exhausting!  There were sports that I never heard of.  As excited as I was for the Olympics to start, I was just as happy to see them end.

Because I have a lot to rant, rave and reflect on, I am going to highlight 2 at a time over the next week or so.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with my plethora of keen observations.  Feel free to agree, disagree, or just shake your head at the lost cause that I’ve become.  My diatribes won’t be in chronological order…..this sunburnt mind is too scattered for that!

Welcome to the first 2 tirades:

1)  The Winter Olympics –   The fact of the matter is that for most of the Olympics, I was in a Mucinex-induced coma.  The whole stress of run after run of slaloms and bobsleds, just drained me.  I was in no condition to deal with being suffocatingly congested AND the anxiety of the US not qualifying for a gold medal run in what seemed like 1,000 different sports.  And the “let’s cross country ski till our whole body shakes and then shoot at a target” event is just  moronic.  Do we really want trembling arms and hands supported by wobbly legs  shooting a deadly weapon?  Hmmmm…… that might be a good way to take out a couple of Russians (I’m only kidding!).  But really- skiing with a rifle on your back is just not a safe practice and I think the Olympic Committee needs to reevaluate that whole sport before someone shoots their eye out.

Does this look safe to you?

Does this look safe to you?

But really – the amazing thing about the Olympics was that the US cleaned house on the extreme sports like slopestyle and halfpipe (terms so new that autocorrect goes absolutely nuts cuz it doesn’t know what the hell you’re trying to type!).  We have some gnarly dudes that can execute twists and turns in really high mid-air, land completely backward, and cross the finish line in record time looking all cool and chill.  Then they flash hand signs that might mean something like, “I could use a beer” or “I just crapped myself.”  But all of us saps watching at home are just ecstatic that the US got a medal in SOMETHING because we pretty much sucked at speed skating (don’t blame the suits, man!); figure skating; ice hockey; and a bunch of other stuff.

Good thing these guys showed up!

Good thing these guys showed up!  Slopestyle winners!


Now….onto a totally different subject…….I am a sucker for The Bachelor show.  I don’t know why……I must have some psychological deficiency.  Actually, I’m just stupid……so – here’s my views on the conclusion of the show:

2) Bachelor Juan Pablo is a narcissistic jerk.  The near-hostility on the “After the Final Rose” show was awkward and palpable. Not seen by viewers- as soon as the After the Rose show was over, Juan Pabs asked Chris if they were done and then he and Nikki walked off the stage before Harrison could even tell the audience they were leaving.  Usually the couple hangs around and talks with Harrison and the audience (I’m a veteran of this show…I know what I’m talkin’ about here). Harrison and the audience were stunned to see them walk off the stage and out of the studio without so much as a wave goodbye.  This was a slap in the face to ABC and The Bachelor producers who pretty much dictate how the show should end (after all – they’ve spent millions flying these people all over the world and affording them the most luxurious of accommodations).  But Juan Pabs (and Nikki??) have ended their edition of The Bachelor on their own terms…..which means JP’s way.  I mean really – the guy is so into himself he should just put that Neil Lane ring on his own finger.  If he could make out with himself, I’m sure he would…..oh wait a minute – he CAN make out with himself! Good thing, too, cuz once Nikki leaves him, I think  this Don Juan may have trouble finding a girl that will even look at him.  But as Juan Pabs were to say, “Look at me…..look at me!  It’s OK.”

Nikki's thrilled that she got a rose instead of a ring

Nikki’s thrilled that she got a rose instead of a ring, but….it’s OK

Stay tuned for another installment of more stuff that has me riled up!


5 thoughts on “Things That Have Me Riled Up!

  1. you made me laugh out loud on a sunday morning..and spit my coffee out ; feel good skipping church today because of you…I could not bear to watch this bachelor though usually I only watch the end because they clip everything dramatic up to that point but he was so uninteresting…and like Brad…a true narcissist. ABC screwed themselves with this one and hurt ..and the show must go on ….just like Idol. going down the tubes..the fantasy of reality tv is short lived in our minds. on to the next!!


    • Glad I was able to provide you a good laugh this morning (not to mention absolving you from skipping church!). I’m with you……my days of watching The Bachelor may be over. It’s run it’s course and what we see on air is so manipulated. Hope you didn’t stain your clothing with the coffee spit! Thanks for reading!


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