A Slacking Kinder, Gentler Julie

Happy New Year Friends!

Sorry that I took such a long break from my blog……..I know the 3 of you that read this blog are disappointed that there haven’t been some posts for a while.

Despite my inconsiderateness with not writing, I HAVE been working hard on some rough drafts that will probably go straight to trash.  You need to understand that writing the high quality literary masterpieces that I do takes much time, several rewrites and copious amounts of alcohol.  Actually, I have had all 3 of those elements in my favor over the past 3 weeks, so I’ve come to the conclusion that my friends are absolutely correct……..I’m a slacker!

Astute readers and soon-to-be-ex-friends, Jeanne Perrine Balaoing and Mike Hodgson, recently pointed out (on social media, no less!) that I wasn’t keeping up with their standard of ambitiousness.  They have been busy doing all kinds of trampoline building, painting, house repairs, yoga poses, witty Facebook postings, and other over-achieving activities.

Here's Jeanne and me……..she already has way more badges than me.

Here’s Jeanne and me……..she already had way more badges than me.

Mike showing off his constant building projects….give it a rest, OK?

Mike showing off his constant building projects….give it a rest, OK?

Jeanne and Mike actually called me on the carpet for not being as productive as them.  Little did they know that I was expending vast amounts of energy trying to find a flicker of sun while on a family vacation at Daytona  Beach.  I mean, really – I didn’t expect to leave grey skies and 40 degree weather in Pennsylvania to drive 1,150 miles south  to bask in grey skies and 40 degree weather!  In instances when I glimpsed the smallest ray of Florida sun,  I would race down several flights of concrete condominium stairs, aggressively shove people out of my way while running through the lobby, and sprint to the nearest poolside lounge chair all while stripping off my sweatshirt, sweatpants, knit hat and mittens .  Don’t worry – I had my bathing suit on underneath my winter wear. Usually by the time I got to the lounger, it was raining.  So – yeah……I was actually really busy over the holidays trying to stay warm in sunny Florida.

We are bundled up on the boardwalk New Year's Eve

We are bundled up on the boardwalk New Year’s Eve

The ONLY day of bright warm sun!

The ONLY day of bright warm sun!

Anyway- being with 22 other family members on our holiday gathering in Daytona Beach was tremendous fun and was really the reason why I haven’t been productive.  It was great to just chill (literally) and enjoy family members that I haven’t seen in a long time!  The weather wasn’t great, but the company sure was!

Nothin' but fun here!

Nothin’ but fun here!

Now……while I was busy loafing, I had a chance to formulate my new year’s resolution.  I really don’t ever make new year’s resolutions because that’s just stupid.  But – since I had all of this time on my hands, I decided to go for it.  I thought about drinking less wine……that contemplation lasted about .0000001 seconds.  Then I considered the resolution of cleaning my bathroom every week…….too unrealistic.  So – I settled on something totally subjective…….an intention that can’t be measured, so that I really can’t be held accountable!  Are you ready for this….. my new year’s resolution?  Here it is……..I am going to be “a kinder, gentler, Julie.”  What the hell does that mean?  I don’t know.  That’s the beauty of this resolution! It’s totally abstract.  My measurement of “kinder, gentler” may be extremely different from what others might think.  Kevin says that he hasn’t seen any difference so far, but- who is he to judge??  He’s only known me for 35 years.

I’ve been much more affectionate and obliging with our dogs…….I give Miley numerous tummy rubs a day and Marley gets extra treats, behind the ears rubs and kisses.  I have been putting toothpaste on Kevin’s toothbrush every morning and evening so that it is all ready for him.  And the other day, I was downright charming to a guy at work that I usually don’t see eye-to-eye with.

Despite my new gentler, kinder nature, I will be unfriending Jeanne Balaoing and Mike Hodgson on Facebook.  I can’t compete with over ambitious people in my life.  They just are not going to help me become kinder and gentler.  Oh – I’m just kidding……..I love those guys!  They make me laugh, so I guess I’ll keep them around!


14 thoughts on “A Slacking Kinder, Gentler Julie

  1. Julie, still laughing at this. Your writing is great; I enjoyed it and I guess you were really busy in Fllorida chasing the sun. So, I’ll cut you some slack although I will keep an eye on your kindler, gentler self and will most likely contact Kevin for his opinion. I am actually planning on cleaning my car this week; I have taken the seat covers off the front seats and have them in the washing machine. The next step is to dry them. Not sure when I will put them back on. Took out all of the trash from the car today also. I’m pacing myself; I mean I had to watch the Panthers game (disappointed) and obviously had to respond this blog post. At least Mike’s on my side. Mike, are you there???


  2. Sorry about the Panthers……..(see that was kinder and gentler, wasn’t it??). Now…..about cleaning your car…….you are being just too enthusiastic and energetic. I know you do those fabulous yoga poses and are in good shape despite all of the DD drinks you consume, but I’m warning you……..too much cleaning is just not good for you! Take it from me……that’s why I turned into a slacker!


  3. Oh, love the resolution. Do you think all Richards shun NY resolutions? I know i do. However, Grant asked me for several gifts that are somewhat along the lines of your kinder, gentler thoughts. He asked me for the gift of punctuality, which i promplty turned down because that just isnt happening. However, i did grace him with the gift of listening because I can totally fake that….just like you can fake the kinder gentler you.
    Great synopsis of the vaca. Arent you glad you didnt have to add another 5 days to that?? I absolutely loved getting together and just hanging out. Hope everyone had as much fun as i did, altho I doubt it. Happy 2014!!


    • Wow…….Grant has asked you for some “personality gifts!” Interesting…….You’re not punctual?? Remember how Mom was always late for everything?? Guess you inherited that trait. So funny about your listening trait and faking it! I think you’ll be really good at that…..lol.
      And……..it was better you than me having to stay an extra 5 days in chilly Florida weather. Sounds like you made the most of it! Can’t believe your flight was cancelled for 5 days!! Had a blast with the family! It really was so fun!


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