NBC’s The Sound of Music – Not One of My Favorite Things

I was named after Julie Andrews.  My maiden name is Julie Ann Richards.  My mom wanted to call me Melody (gag me), but thankfully, my dad intervened and suggested Julie Ann because Julie Andrews was becoming popular in 1958 when I was born (OMG……I just revealed my age of 39….it’s the new math so just stop trying to figure it out!).  Julie Andrews had just starred in My Fair Lady in 1958 and of course went on to star in Sound of Music, Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, and other wonderful productions.  Needless to say, Julie Andrews is near and dear to my heart.  After all……we’re pretty much related.

We are kindred spirits!

We are kindred spirits!

So – I’m really kinda pissed that NBC would go to all of that commercialism trouble to do a stage play of the Sound of Music.  First of all……a full fledged finished movie beats the hell out of a stage play.  Pardon me for insulting all of you thespians (BTW – there’s counseling available for that condition)……but I really don’t want to watch a stage play on my gigantic TV.  A stage play is meant for the stage……not a 55 inch HDTV screen!  I’m pretty sure that my HDMI cable revolted when it sensed a stage play was on TV.

This just didn't cut it

This just didn’t cut it

And, you know me – I LOVE Carrie Underwood.  After all…..I’m going to great lengths to obtain her beautiful smile.  Carrie can sing, but her acting talents are sorely lacking.  Her flat affect through much of the “play” totally distracted from the heartfelt beauty that Julie Andrews brought to that role.  I have to say, though, that Mother Superior (Audra McDonald) was pretty damn good.  She’s won a bunch of Tony’s in the past and she nailed not only the singing but the emotion and acting that was necessary for that part.

Audra McDonald……she's going to heaven!

Audra McDonald……she’s going to heaven!

But – every single one of the Von Trapp family kids were not cute or likable in any aspect.  The over (or under) acting was a real turn-off.  And what was up with Rolf?  Why wasn’t he dressed in the attire worn in the movie? Would that be so hard to do? Did he really need to be portrayed in jorts?  Did they even have jorts back then?  He is an important messenger for the German Nazi regime for God’s sake!  No dictator dresses their personnel in jorts!  However, Michael Campayno who played Rolf is from Pittsburgh, so he is OK is my book even though his attire is not!

This dress is totally disrespectful of the Nazi regime

Rolf’s naked knees are totally disrespectful of the Nazi regime

Christian Borle was awesome as Max Detweiler…….he knows how to do a musical! You might know him as Tom, Debra Messing’s writing partner in Smash.  Christian is also from Pittsburgh.  Geez……there were a lot of Pittsburghers in this Sound of Music production. My husband just said – Pittsburgh is “Hollywood East.”  He then made a punny and said that it would really be “Hilly-wood East.”  This is why I drink.

The fact of the matter is this:

1)  Anyone younger than 18 has never seen the original Sound of Music

2) Anyone younger than the age of 18 has absolutely no idea who Julie Andrews is

3) NBC thought that it could make a ton of money by “updating” this classic with a well-known artist (Carrie Underwood) cast in the lead role

4) Walmart was chomping at the bit to fund this clunker.

Which leads me to my next rant…………I hate Walmart!  I am never buying another thing there.  Everything sold at Walmart is from China.  Even if it means spending a couple of extra dollars, I am buying American and I am buying local.  And I’m gonna go out on a limb here…..but – even if I don’t have a coupon, I’m still buying American and local.  Even Kevin is supportive of this mission and he is the ultimate coupon king!

My King!  I love him and all of the coupons he brings to our marriage!

My King! I love him and all of the coupons he brings to our marriage!

Wow……..I don’t even know how to conclude this post.  It appears that I’m pretty bitter about the Sound of Music stage play on NBC and the capitalistic obsession of Walmart.   Geez…..I’m a mess!  But I don’t think I’m alone.  Who’s with me here?  Give me some feedback on your thoughts about NBC’s Sound of Music and China-loving Walmart.  But – don’t you dare say anything bad about my namesake, Julie Andrews!


7 thoughts on “NBC’s The Sound of Music – Not One of My Favorite Things

  1. hey…enjoyed your comments and I feel bad insisting that Mom and Dad watch the show. I found it much more tolerable since I didnt have to sit thru the commercials due to dvr. I feel certain Mom turned it off at the first Walmartian. Bummed…I was expecting just a little more.


    • I started watching it and then ended up DVRing it……kinda just fast forwarded to various parts. The singing was really good but I had a hard time with the acting. I just don’t see the point in trying to remake something that was already pretty perfect. Hope my girl, Carrie, seeks out an acting coach. I still love her!


  2. I love your posts! Laughter is goid for the soul!!

    I am with you on Walmart! Although I do find myself mysteriously walking down the aisles thinking “how the Hell did I get here!”

    As for the show, I did like the singing in the show. And liked that they brought live stage to TV, but it was not as good as the hype and definitely cannot compare to the movie … No one can top Julie!

    I do need to make a correction though … Julie Andrews was not in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang although many people think she was Truly Scrumptious. And now I need to watch both of these movies cause they are some of my faves from childhood! And it will be good for my kids to see Julie in her younger years …


    • You’re right, Lori! After I posted this and dragged myself to bed, I started questioning the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang role. I have never even seen the whole movie (only snippets) but read the book twice back in the day. I remember all of the hype about Julie Andrews being offered the role of Truly S. Thanks for the correction. Maybe we should do a movie/wine night and watch CCBB together??

      As for the stage play of SOM……I did enjoy the singing…..the acting really bothered me, though. So – between the acting and the commercials, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Guess I’m more of a glossy movie type……hmmmm…..that’s probably some kind of psychological quiz question……do you prefer movies or plays? If you answered yes to movies then you are a shallow fake person and should be made to attend 50 middle school plays this year. Well – that’s fodder for a whole different post!

      Thanks for the feedback! Always interesting to hear what other people think!


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