This wasn’t purr-fect

OK…….I just can’t let this go.  Did anyone see the American Music Awards show last Sunday?   I still can’t get Miley Cyrus’s performance out of my head.  Who in the world ever thought of projecting a crying, fake-looking lip synching cat on a big screen behind MC while she performed?  And all in the midst of galactic-type astroids streaming by.

You have to watch this spectacle on Youtube to truly appreciate the feline lip synching.  It’s hilarious!  I’m an educator by profession, and I’m doing my best to keep you informed. Consider this my Thanksgiving gift to you.  Here is the link:

Cat from outer space giving Miley some emotional and vocal lip synching support

The whole production doesn’t make sense (but maybe that’s the point).  There’s an emotional Miley nearly crying her eyes out (and missing her cue) belting out her song and all you can focus on is this ridiculous cat hovering  and lip synching.  Leah and I watched this together and we were literally falling off the couch laughing in hysterics!  

Here’s a couple more pics that really don’t do the performance justice, but you get the gist of it

Cat-a-tonic spaced out cat lip synching

Cat-a-tonic spaced out cat lip synching


Seriously……….who thinks to put together something so ridiculous?  I imagine the discussion about how this act was gonna go down sounding something like this:

Miley:  So, guys……..I’ve been asked to sing my awesome hit Wrecking Ball at the AMA’s so that is just so cool! (sticking her tongue out and showing the V sign)

Creative Team:  Oh wow…..yeah, man….cool.  So, like, let’s like make a statement and show the world how effed up you are.

Miley:  Yeah……  I’m gonna wear stupid little high cut underpants and a sports bra in hello kitty- like print……..(sticking her tongue out), but I’m just sad cuz my cat can’t come on stage with me.

CT:  Girl…… ain’t got no cat

Miley:  Really?  WTH? Could you pass me that joint?  So…….let’s just computer generate a tabby and it would be really sick if it could just sing along with me and cry at all of the sad parts but make sure it sticks its tongue out at the end, K?  Could you pass me that doobie again?

CT:  (snort) The on -screen cat is super dope (speaking of that…..could you pass us that joint?).  Let’s put in some astroids  cuz cats like shit like that.

Miley:  (drag on the joint)…..(sticking tongue out) Yeaaaaahhhh, what?

Typical Miley pose

Typical Miley pose with her tongue out

I will say that, in the end, Miley accomplished exactly what she wanted……everyone is talking about her performance.  Who cares that Taylor Swift and JT walked off with 3 AMAs or that Rhianna got the first Icon Award ever bestowed?  That totally random pairing of a crying lip synching cat singing along with Miley during a major music awards show is just DUMBfounding (or brilliant..depending on your view).  

My own little tribute to the Miley/cat spectacle.

My own little tribute to the Miley/cat purr-formance



7 thoughts on “This wasn’t purr-fect

  1. I didn’t see this live so thanks for sharing the video. I think it makes purr-fect sense. She loves her kitty and doesn’t want her to leave. Love your tribute to MC. LOL


  2. Now…..aren’t you so glad that you are in the know?! Truly a purr-formance that will go down in hiss-tory! About my tribute……I was on a mission to try to find a stuffed cat to poise above me for the picture. We walked into a Carter’s store hoping they might have a stuffed animal section and all of the sudden I see Kevin walking towards me holding that stupid cat shirt over his face. Needless to say, Kevin struck gold on that one!


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  4. Sad to say I was the photographer on this mission……I’m sure we are on the surveillance video at Carter’s at the Tanger Outlets in Hershey


  5. There are “wanted” posters in the back room at Carters. Purr-fect photographer and his tongue wagging wife wanted for impersonating Miley Cyrus. When do we get to see a picture of you twerking?


  6. Hahaaaa!!!! That was hilarious Julie! Thanks for sharing the video, I didn’t get to see it. I was completely dumbfounded! Thanks for the hearty Thanksgiving laugh!!!!🐯


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