Surgery and Beyond

First of all……I am exhausted from being with Hazel and Leah in Boston for Hazel’s endoscopy and g-tube removal and then flying back and forth to Salt Lake City to be with the girls as Hazel recovered.


Pre-op at Children’s Hospital Boston

Which is exactly why I marked family sick days on my work time card instead of vacation……..believe me – being with a surgery -recovering 2 year- old is NO vacation!  I seriously don’t know how Leah works a full time job while being a single mother!  That being said, I loved every minute of being with Hazel and it was so hard to say goodbye and return home.  I would love to retire and move to SLC to help with Hazel, but I think Leah and I would probably kill each other.  Life is never perfect, is it?

Well…..of course I can’t post about Hazel and not include numerous pictures, so here is another one.  And you better be saying something like “Oh my gosh……she is just absolutely adorable!”

She loves her papa

She loves her papa

Hazel’s surgeries went well…..for those of you who are interested, Leah will put an update on Caringbridge.

Now – to more important stuff……the Divine Miss H did not dress up for Halloween since Leah had to work and couldn’t take her trick-or-treating (Kevin and I were no longer there).  But – she did don this “outfit” the other day while lounging at her house.  I’m thinking that she will probably do this costume 18 years from now at a local bar……kickin’ boots, huh?

Kickin' boots

All gut, no butt…..typical native Alaskan

Anyway – it was a tiring week with Hazel’s surgery at Boston Children’s and traveling back and forth to Salt Lake City.  Of course, while we were gone, our dogs threw up numerous times on the few pieces of carpeting that we have in the house, so our dog sitters had to deal with that.  Most of my house is hard wood flooring…..why can’t the dogs puke on that?  Why do they have to find the few morsels of carpeting to hurl on?

They're cute until they puke

They’re cute until they puke

So – while our dogs were barking and barfing at home, Kevin and I were enjoying our time with Hazel in SLC while Leah worked.  One day we went to the library because Hazel refused to nap and we were hoping that the librarian would take pity on us and read to Hazel while Kev and I curled up on a nearby couch to rest.  However, the librarian totally ignored us while Hazel:

  • pulled numerous books and DVDs off the shelves,
  • aggressively seated her teddy bear on the step stool while shoving a book under his limp arm and pushing his head down toward the book (teddy might be farsighted),
  • ripped the cover off the Cars comic book that caught her attention when she passed the comic book section
  • squealed in delight while pushing the handicapped door button over and over again
Holy terror in the library

Holy terror in the library

………don’t librarians take some kind of oath to corral wayward children and entertain them??  I’m pretty sure they can’t graduate from librarian school without signing a vow like that, but I could be wrong.

Remember your vows!

Wait…..didn’t you take a vow?

It didn’t take us long to realize that we might be forever banned from the Calvin S. Smith Library for bringing a napless child to that venue, so we quickly made our exit before the librarian confiscated Hazel’s/Leah’s library card.  Obviously we were not well-behaved Mormons that these Salt Lake City libraries are used to.

On our way out of the library, we saw an older woman walking hurriedly and with great purpose toward the library.  I mean this woman put a whole new spin on the term “booking it” which was totally amusing considering that she was going to the library.  She was all hunched over and her arms and legs were pumping… in hand!  I couldn’t get a picture fast enough, but she looked something like this (without the bags but clutching a book):

speed walking

similar but with more purpose

The woman that we saw  might have had a book just about overdue, thus the rush, but….seriously….she was speed walking like I’ve never seen. And she was pretty harsh looking.  All of these factors combined prompted Kevin to say, “…….and that is exactly why I don’t read!”

Now, you would think that we would have called it a day after the library fiasco.  But – being gluttons for punishment, we went to the only other place you could go for further torment…..Walmart!  We had promised Leah a vacuum cleaner for her birthday because, well…….we are good parents and isn’t that what every good parent gets for their grown up child??  And what other place to buy a quality vacuum cleaner than Walmart, right?  Sure – we could’ve upgraded and gone to the Kmart across the street, but we didn’t want to take the time to cross 4 lanes of traffic.  It is just more ecologically-sound and sustainable to make right hand turns……..less fuel burning that way (UPS subscribes to that theory, you know).  So – we made the right-hand turn into Walmart, tried to put Hazel in a cart, bought a bunch of candy to bribe her to sit in the cart, and ended up carrying her to the vacuum cleaner section while she ate a bunch of candy. (wow…..I just realized that we are super good grandparents!)

So……after perusing all 5 choices of high-caliber vacuum cleaners, I decided that I wanted to buy the lighter weight Eureka vacuum cleaner that was more expensive than the middle of the road heavier one.  Unfortunately, there were none on the shelf.  It was a rollback price, so…understandably, everyone in Salt Lake City flocked to this particular Walmart to buy this particular vacuum cleaner. They, too, probably didn’t want to make the left hand turn into Kmart.  Luckily, Kevin found a friendly Walmart worker to help us out.  This was the conversation:

Kevin:  Do you have any more of these Eureka lightweight vacuum cleaners?

Walmart worker: (looking at the empty spot on the shelf);  Nope

Kevin:  Well,  I realize there are none here on the shelf, but what about in stock in the back?

Walmart worker:  Nope……would be out here if we had it

So much for……”Welcome to Walmart”

Super helpful

Super helpful

We left Walmart with a sugar-hyped napless child, vacuum cleaner-less, and extremely tired.  And it was only 4 PM!  Dear God……..when does Leah get home from work??!  We need a nap!

Despite my exhaustion, I have scheduled another trip to SLC 3 weeks from now.  I miss Hazel (and Leah).  These are such important and adorable years as Hazel grows and learns and I hate to miss out on that.  Hazel might be scheduled for more surgery to have her tonsils and  adenoids removed while I am there, plus get tubes in her ears.  So- I can help out while she recovers.  We will NOT be going to the library or Walmart.  And we WILL be taking naps!

Teddy and Hazel getting ready for a nap

Teddy and Hazel getting ready for a nap


8 thoughts on “Surgery and Beyond

    • Yay, Marcy! You followed the directions in the blog and exclaimed how cute Hazel is…! So glad that you enjoy the blog…….makes it very worthwhile to write it! Happy Saturday!


  1. I must have missed the part about the surgery in that blog!! LOL! Shame on your for taking a napless tired child to a public place. Suffer at home in privacy and do what every tired parent and granparent does – turn the tv on loud, hand her an ipad and build some sort of wall around her with books, pillows, fencing or concrete! Now, power nap. Oh and one more shame on you – lol! You let Hazel do one of my huge pet peeves and that is to use the handicap door button as a toy! While I went to college to possibly be a librarian, I can easily act like one at the front desk of the rec center to any child smashing the handicap door button – CUT THAT OUT OR YOU WILL NEED TO BE USING THAT BUTTON SOON!!!
    Very cute blog which exhausted me just reading it. You are the best grandparents I know. Keep up the good work and one day Hazel can sit in front of you texting instead of talking. LOL!


    • Excellent suggestions coming from an experienced wonderful grandma herself. And don’t worry, Hazel only hit the handicapped door button one and a half times before I could catch up with her and snatch her away from it. That is also a pet peeve of mine. So true about Hazel eventually just sitting still and texting instead of interacting with the world……that will be a sad day 😦


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