These Invisalign are Crampin’ My Wine

You’ve probably been anxious for an update on how I’ve been doing with my invisalign braces.  If that’s really the case, then you need to get a life!

Here’s a picture of me with my invisalign trays in………..can you tell??  Ok……so – it was 8:00 in the morning and I look kinda sleepy, but look at my teeth…….can you see the trays???

Wearing my invisalign like a good patient

At work and wearing my invisalign like a good patient

In my last post, my sister, Candy, replied that she was surprised that I was begging for Tylenol because my teeth were hurting…….. and why didn’t I  just partake of my go-to drug……….wine?  I thought that this question/observation was remarkably astute of Candy and quite frankly, I’m disappointed in the rest of you for not picking up on that.  I’ll give you a break this time, but don’t let it happen again.  Kudos to you, though, Candy!  Keep up the good work!

There was a reason I couldn’t resort to wine to numb the pain and it caused me great distress. I laid awake for several nights trying to figure out how to ditch the Tylenol in favor of wine.  This is the deal – I am supposed to wear my invisalign trays 22 hours a day and take them out only to eat.  OK……..I can deal with that.  Two hours to eat 3 meals a day is doable.

You can drink liquids with the invisalign in. No need to remove them.  BUT (and as the wise sage, Peewee Herman, once said……”everyone I know has a big BUT”)……’re not supposed to drink anything that has color to it while wearing invisalign because colored liquids will stain the plastic trays.  This would include such beverages as  – coffee, tea, blue raspberry icees (which are my favorite), and red wine………yes….RED WINE!!!!!  Are you kidding me??  I can’t drink red wine?? It’s true, though…….If I drank red wine with my trays in, then I’d be walking around looking like this (without the  5 o’clock shadow…..hopefully).

man.......that's nasty

man…….that’s nasty

I knew about this “forbidden drinking of colored liquids” going in to this treatment. I have to admit, I almost didn’t go with invisalign when I found out that I couldn’t drink my merlot while wearing them.  I came “this close” to telling the orthodontist to just slap on the heavy duty metal braces and let me go so I could get to happy hour.   My merlot was waiting and there was no way that stupid plastic teeth trays were gonna cramp my wine.

And look - she's reading, intellectual wino!

I like to read,too, while having a glass of wine, but I usually wear my white bra

I know you’re all probably worried about how I am ever gonna be able to indulge in my nightly glass(es) of wine while I undergo this invisalign orthodontic treatment.  I know…… I said, I was sick with worry about it myself!  But – after many agonizing wine-absent hours, I came up with 3 viable options:

1) switch to white wine (an OK alternative) or other clear alcoholic beverage.  Not ideal, but doable

2) adhere to the below schedule which means removing my trays for the allotted total of 2 hours –

  • 10 minutes for breakfast which would include chugging extremely hot coffee and shoving a bunch of pop-tarts in my mouth;
  • no lunch because I’m too busy at work to eat lunch;
  • 15 minutes for dinner – not including waiting in the drive-thru;
  • 1 hour and 35 minutes to sip wine

3)  buy a straw and suck that merlot right past the teeth and down the gullet so I never have to remove my trays

yep......that'll work

yep……that’ll work

I’m good with all 3 of those solutions.  Problem solved!  Sleep well, my friends!


30 thoughts on “These Invisalign are Crampin’ My Wine

    • Ha…..thanks, Marcy! Need lots of teeth movement so docs can build up the back teeth so they don’t keep fracturing. I’ve bought numerous cases of wine to see me through this whole ordeal!


  1. OMG, Julie – your writing is hilarious!! I love it. Thanks for the kudos to me. Of course, i was wondering during your dissertation why white or pink chablis wasnt an option, but guess you would rather go wineless than drink non red wine. I do love the straw solution as well. Anyway, love the pictures you put in. While your writing is hilarious, the pictures add so much. Love the cartoon of you at work. Oh wait, that was a real picture!! You love mahvelous!!


    • Awww……..thanks, Caitsey! We will get together and have some drinks (clear, of course) and commiserate about braces, retainers, mouth guards, etc. Just a real mother-daughter bonding session……lol!


  2. I just got Invisalign braces and googled “can I drink wine…” SO glad I stumbled upon this!

    So…. 8 months later… How’s it going?


    • Hi Debra – well…let me tell you – you are OK if you drink white wine. But – I would stay away from red wine (my favorite). Even if you take out your trays, the red wine slightly stains your attachments. It’s not real noticeable, but over time, you will notice. But then again – I drink A LOT of red wine, so my situation might not match yours! I have actually switched back to Chardonnay so I can have a glass of wine and not worry about staining. Anything that has any color to it (coffee, tea, fireball whiskey – another favorite of mine) will slightly stain the trays and attachments. The Invisalign is a good option and I’m glad I did it (have another 6 months to go), but I have never flossed more in my life! How long is your treatment? How often are you changing trays? I change mine every week. A little tip – I change my trays on Sunday night so that – if over the weekend, I want to have some red wine, I do it and then switch to the new bright trays for the workweek. Keep me posted you how you are doing, fellow Invisalign friend!


      • I switch trays every TWO weeks, so I have to be even more careful about staining them. And I’m with you on the flossing… GEEZ! I need to buy stock in Plackers. But it’s saving me tons of money in Starbucks mochas, lunches out, and Happy Hour tabs. PLUS, I’m losing weight because I have to decide if that nibble of chocolate or handful of popcorn is really worth the time and effort to remove, floss, brush, and replace. (and we both know it’s not!)

        and thanks for tracking me down and pulling me back in! You are hilarious!


        • I just sent you an email! I hear ya about the trade-off with money spent on dental floss devices instead of much funner stuff! Invisalign really should be marketed as a weight loss program, cuz it truly is. You are so right about weighing whether or not the snack is worth the flossing exercise. And I can’t tell you how many times I have to say to those offering me food, “oh no thanks…got my trays in….” Not to mention the wear and tear on your fingernails! I had to tell the nail tech that I go to to put on extra coats of gel polish so I don’t break my nails trying to get my trays off my teeth. You should have heard that conversation! Nail tech doesn’t speak much English so it was mostly a lot of me pointing to my mouth and trays and then the gel polish….felt like I was playing Charades. Oh the things we do for straight teeth, huh?!

          Talk soon!


          • That is exactly what I said to the Dentist! “This should really be marketed as a Weight Loss Plan that happens to have the benefit of straightening your teeth, too”


  3. I am getting invisalign in an hour….I am currently chewing all my gum and drank a bottle of merlot last night in preparation. I found this very helpful, and reassuring!


    • Hey Andrea – so how is the invisalign going so far? Good idea to chew wads of gum and drink liters of merlot before getting the attachments and trays! Hope those sensations last you for the next year or so! I miss gum terribly and I am extremely jealous that you were chewing as recently as a few days ago (you bitch)! I ate a couple of Lancaster caramels……..big mistake…attachment fell off and I had to make another trip (for the hundredth time) to the ortho to have it replaced. Just sets back the time you have to be in invisalign. I am secretly so envious of you that you got to chew scads of gum and chug merlot. I have switched totally to lame chardonnay in order to not stain the attachments and my teeth. I am craving the dry loveliness of merlot. The reality is…even when I am done with invisalign and all of the other dental work involving some caps, I will have to stick to white wine. Not risking the staining of red wine. In the meantime….and this goes for the both of us…merlot is the order of the day! Keep flossing and drinking tons of water in between each sip of merlot. Swish the water around in your mouth to diminish the red staining. Invisalign really isn’t so bad. Beats being a metal mouth. Keep me posted, okay?


  4. oh my goodness! This is soooo funny! I just got invisalign 3 days ago (I have 10 trays to start) and now my husband announces he wants to go wine tasting. I guess I better bring my straw! Thanks for your humor!


    • Glad you enjoyed my invisalign saga! Hope your wine tasting goes well! Tell your hubby that he has impeccable timing! I tried the straw trick…just doesn’t cut it with wine. Totally destroys the intake of air and “savoring” the melded flavors of the wine. If you’re a white wine drinker, you’ll be OK. Red wine will really stain your trays, so make sure to remove them! I still do drink red wine but I take out my trays and make sure that I have a huge glass of water handy so I can swish water in my mouth after every sip of red wine. That way – I keep the staining off of the attachments as well. Good luck with your invisalign!


  5. I am into my third week, and was looking for answers. You answered some questions, and made me laugh so hard at the same time. Thanks!


  6. Hilarious!!!!! I laughed out loud at your post! And to know there are people with my same ‘important’ questions, is just fabulous. Although I do love red wine I also adore champagne, So knowing that I can drink that without having to take trays out had made by day!!!! Thanks!


  7. Hi all, like a lot of you I found this by googling “can I drink wine while wearing Invisalign” thanks for the laughs and good to know there’s an Online Wine with Invisalign support group! Just got mine on 5 hours ago so, priorities don’t you know. Agree on the weight loss thing–I call this my $5,000 diet–let the games begin!


    • Hi Patti!
      Welcome to the Wino Invisalign Group (WIG)! It is amazing how many people worry about wine consumption while wearing Invisalign trays ( a worthy concern, for sure). The added bonus of a weight loss plan thrown in for good measure makes Invisalign a good choice. Time will go fast (especially if you drink wine throughout the process)! And invest in good dental floss… will be flossing like crazy as your teeth move. I changed my trays every week, but I was amazed at how dingy my trays would like at the end of every week……and that was with drinking white wine. But – I am a coffee drinker and I seldom took out my trays for that. If you are changing trays every 2 weeks, take out your trays anytime that you are drinking any colored liquid. Good luck and be really diligent with wearing the trays the maximum amount……you don’t want to go through the process and not get the most for your money! Keep in touch! I am on Facebook – Julie Stoehr – or you can email me at


      • Thanks for the tips–I tried wine last nightbut didn’t like the way it tasted so when I had the trays out for dinner I sucked down 1 1/2 glasses and put the trays back in. Life altering experience for sure. Will look for you on Facebook, thanks!


  8. Lol hilarious!! Got my trays today & immediately googled how to drink wine with Invisalign! I prefer red over white but not sure how I feel about the straw trick. I’m equally worried about my mornings with coffee. Agree with the snacking deterrence, hope to lose weight! If you have any must do, must try tricks I would love to know!


  9. Thank you so much for this post! I just got my trays today and have been Googling what I can “get away” with. My main concern was wine and drinking with friends. As mentioned earlier, happy hour takes much longer than the 15 minutes I use to inhale my breakfast. Thankfully for me, white wine is my wine of choice!


    • Good luck with the trays, Nicole! They are evil and a blessing. I lost weight since the trays curtailed my nibbling…..and I actually became more of a white wine drinker because of the trays (no harm, no foul). You are ahead of the game with being a white wine drinker (yay!). I had great success with the trays, so stick with it and follow directions. And enjoy your wine!


  10. Got my Invisalign before Xmas, with rubber bands – now that really makes it a mission to remove them and replace them. As a result I’m no longer snacking between meals and lunch Is a distant memory. I’m flying this weekend and will spend some time at the business lounge drinking champagne – after reading all this I think I shall sip my drink without aligners, after all a good champagne through aligners is like drinking from a plastic glass, no thanks,


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