Well…….it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I don’t know……….just not seeing much humor in life right now.  I have a close friend whose family is currently going through a troubled time  with the death of someone they held dear.  Life is really pretty terminal isn’t it?  Decisions one makes can change their life and subsequently yours in an instant.  One person’s solution is another person’s grief.  So sad.

I went to a very powerful presentation this week on campus.  The mother of an 8 year- old boy talked about how alive and vibrant her son was one minute and how she held him as he died in her arms the next minute.  They were crossing the street after attending a musical concert that Owen’s sister had participated in at a local high school.  Owen had been given a one dollar bill by his grandfather because Owen had been so good during the performance.  As the family began crossing the street, Owen exclaimed to his mother that he wanted his dollar to go toward a treat for the family at McDonalds.  It was March 2011 and Shamrock milkshakes were being offered again.  Suddenly,  a car came careening into the crosswalk where the family was crossing.  A 17 year -old driver who was distracted by her cell phone at the time, hit Owen right in the middle of the crosswalk.  That one decision to take her eyes off the road to focus on her cell phone while driving, forever changed the life of many……….mainly Owen, his family, and the driver herself.  Owen died in his mother’s arms from a totally avoidable incident.  Our young society is so connected to technology that they will make the determination to risk the lives of themselves and others to text and talk on cell phones while driving.  Is that instant connectivity so important to endanger those in your path?

Life is a mangled composite of decisions……good, bad, stupid, wise, indifferent, every day, long-ranging choices.  How do you teach your kids that most decisions they make will greatly affect the people they love?  The mantra “It’s my life,” just doesn’t cut it.  It’s not just your life.  It’s our lives.  I will be the one there for support when you make your decisions.  I will be the one to cry with you, laugh with you, help carry your burdens, share your joys, and provide unconditional comfort and encouragement.  My heart breaks when yours does.  My eyes cry your tears.  My soothe to your pain.

I wish that our schools and parents focused more on fostering good decision-making skills.  Remember how we were taught to make the pros and cons list?  Kids today won’t take the time to do that or think things through.  Act and react without any forethought…….deal with the consequences later and……oh well.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer on this post.  The root canal that I had yesterday has left me in a pissy state of mind.

On a positive note – I will be seeing the Hazelnut in less than 2 weeks!  We are meeting Leah and Hazel at Boston Children’s Hospital on Oct. 25 where she will have an endoscopy and her G-tube removed and sutured.  She will be put under anesthesia and kept most of the day at BCH.  Hazel and Leah will come back to Hershey for a day or 2 and then Kevin, me, Hazel, and Leah will all fly back to Salt Lake City where Kevin and I will stay for a few days and enjoy the Nut while Leah works.

Hazel and teddy going to school

Hazel and teddy going to school

Oh – and I get my Invisalign braces on Monday……yay!  Hopefully I will break out in pimples and get my period as well!!

Peace and love to you all.


5 thoughts on “Decisions

    • Kevin says that he’ll take me shopping for a training bra after I get my braces. Funny guy……..

      I did not know Owen or his family……just heard the story when Owen’s mother spoke at our campus. I did remember hearing about it on the news when it happened. My close friend in Pittsburgh’s situation is different. Her daughter’s boyfriend passed away far too soon. Deaths resulting from unwise decisions. This world is such a crazy place and so much more dangerous than we were growing up. Their decisions carry so much weight these days.


  1. Julie, as always, pretty provocatives thoughts. I constantly fight with my teen stepdaughter, cause the worlds goes around her and sometimes she doesn’t care about the rest of us. Overall, she is a good kids, but she, as many teenagers, does not think about long-term consequences. I just keep reminding her of actions and consequences, and keep praying that sooner or later the frontal lobe of her brain kick in, and she starts making better decisions. The teenager driver who killed Owen has to live with that for the rest of his live, hopefully other kids will learn from that situation.


    • Man……those teenage years are tough. It is so hard to make them understand the consequences of their actions. And you are right – teenagers think the world revolves around them and everyone else needs to adjust. Reasoning, shock tactics, religion and other measures sometimes just don’t sink in. Owen’s mother is meeting with the teen driver that killed her son next week and is hoping that the driver will accompany her as she speaks out about distracted driving. The teen driver has complied with all of the sentencing given to her – community service and talking with students about what she did. So – if the teen driver and Owen’s mom can present their stories together, it will be extremely powerful.


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