You are only as happy as your unhappiest child

So…….after much reflection of this sunburnt mind, I’ve realized that I should only share my own experiences…….I will try to make those as exciting as possible!  I will not be including the thoughts and the involvement of some close to me.   Unfortunately, my life intertwines closely with some, but I will separate as needed.  My blog is important to me and is a release for me.  I will make the changes as necessary.

That aside…here are some recent reflections:

Don’t shave your legs after consuming a bottle of wine…… could be a bloody affair and one you will regret as scabs form on your shins and knees……….so much for wearing that cute sundress

Your dogs or cats will always love you and accept you unconditionally…..return the favor. If you don’t own a pet, get one ASAP!

Foam mattresses are crap………buy a coil-spring or posturepedic mattress.  You shouldn’t feel like you are climbing uphill out of a hole when your significant other is in bed with you.

The songs/callings of northern birds beat the crap out of seagulls

Nothing surpasses the sound of a waterfall

“No maintenance” landscaping is a great concept……..but there is nothing like getting your hands in mother earth to feel alive, creative, meaningful. and spiritual…….the dominions of earth, air, wind and fire…..each has a purpose

Your favorite  sports teams and their successes are a great distraction.  But there are more important things to life.  You will still have to awake at some ungodly hour and go to work  regardless of what your team did the night before.

Where you retire really doesn’t matter………….being near your children, grandchildren or family does.

And most importantly………… are only as happy as your unhappiest child.







10 thoughts on “You are only as happy as your unhappiest child

  1. Yay!! And boy ain’t that the truth!! I find myself wanting to run away from home some evenings after a stressful day in the office when my son is in a mood or both the kiddos are arguing!! Looking forward to more of your wisdom … especially when it involved Wine!! :o)


  2. It is exhausting trying to stay ahead of the unhappiest child… much more energizing are the innocent smiles and giggles of the grandchild. Happy to see you are back at it.


    • Absolutely correct about the grandchild making everything right in the world. How did our kids end up being so different?? I know you can definitely relate. Is it too much to ask for our children to have successful lives and marriages, live comfortably, and be happy?? Geesh……we did it…..why can’t they? At least we have FaceTime and Skype to see and interact with our grand babies!


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