I Wish This Had Happened

You’re not gonna believe this, but I am on vacation AGAIN….this time at Panama City Beach,FL!  I’m just a traveling fool! It’s really not a great time for me to be away from work.  Intramural football and water polo are in full swing.  I have a bunch of new strength equipment that is going to be delivered soon to the fitness room.  Plus, I have a presentation at a state conference to prepare for the week I get back.   But – we’ve had this vacation planned for a year and a half, so I need to put everything work-related out of my mind and enjoy this time away (and hit a wine store ASAP!).

I’ll tell you more about this trip to Panama City Beach in a day or 2……but I have a quick incident to relate.  See…….I love sitting out on the balcony at our resort, so even though it had been pretty rainy on Sunday when we got here, I beelined it out to the balcony to read that night.  The balcony is pretty much covered, so it was relatively dry.  Unfortunately, one of the balcony lights did not have a lightbulb in it, so I crammed my chair, side table, book, glass of wine, and me under the one balcony light that was working and read to my heart’s content while listening to the pounding surf 8 stories below.

The  next day, Kevin called the front desk and asked them to replace the balcony lightbulb that was missing.  Eventually, a maintenance guy came up to the room to take a look and he kindly replaced the bulb.  At that point, Kevin mentioned to him that the light/fan in our bedroom was missing a bulb as well.

This is how the real conversation went down:

Maintenance Guy:  Everything else working  alright for you?

Kevin:  Actually……we’re also missing a bulb in this one light here in the light/fan fixture in the master bedroom.

MG:  Well…….do you need it?

Kevin:  It would be nice to have it

MG: OK, but we have to order those bulbs and I don’t know if we have any on hand. (Note:  there are 91 units in this building and each unit has approximately 3 of these fan/light fixtures…….are you telling me that they don’t keep these light bulbs on hand??…..I digress).

This is the conversation that I wish would have happened:

MG:  Everything else working alright for you?

Kevin:  Actually, we’re missing a bulb in this one light here in the fan/light fixture in the master bedroom.

MG:  Well……..do you need it?

Kevin:  Hell, yeah we need it!  When we have the cameras rolling at night , we really need that extra light.  None of the porn sites want to purchase a shadowy sex tape.  I’m gonna need that lightbulb ASAP!

Aren’t there times when you just wish you would let loose and say something totally off the wall like that, just to see what happens……see what kind of reaction you’d get?

Our videos need that extra light!

Our videos need that extra light!

This is the light/fan fixture.  And just for the record……..we’re still waiting for that light bulb.  Good thing we really don’t need it.


9 thoughts on “I Wish This Had Happened

  1. Yeah, you should have zinged that guy with that porno line. And most probably he would have taken one look at you in your flannel jammies and your hubby in his too small Steeler shirt and said “I’m doing you the favor. Forget the light.’ lOL! Great post….love it


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