The Learning Channel Should Be Renamed the Freak Show Channel

OK….I’ll admit, I’m not doing a bunch of research here so I don’t know everything that is on The Learning Channel (TLC) but, after watching a show on there a few weeks ago, I’m pretty sure that I would rather just stay stupid.  The name, The Learning Channel, is totally misleading.  It should be called The Freak Show Channel (TFSC).

TLC is the station that airs Honey Boo-Boo, Sister Wives, Toddlers & Tiaras, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Breaking Amish, etc. The people on these shows are just plain screwed up and dysfunctional!  They’re pretty much train wrecks.  But I guess that is why we tune in, right?  We love that voyeuristic peak into really odd behaviors, lifestyles and situations.  It’s only  natural for us “normal” people to want to know what is happening on that other side of traditional and standard behavior.  This is exactly why The Learning Channel is such a success.  But – TLC needs to stop misleading us all into thinking we are going to become learned and intelligent beings for watching this network.

So…….the other night, my husband and I “innocently” tuned into TLC.  Normally we watch totally brainless reruns like King of Queens, Everyone Loves Raymond, House Hunters, etc. on other channels. Yep – we’re pretty much losers.  But –  we were feeling quite educable this night, so we tuned into The Learning Channel.  Indeed, we were rather proud of ourselves for intrinsically wanting to better our minds by watching such a channel.

Now……I have to be honest.  Kevin and I really did know what we were getting into when we clicked on The Learning Channel that night.  We had been waiting all day to see the show titled, “The Man With the 132 lb Scrotum.”  Who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to be informed on that dilemma??  So…… the beginning credits started to roll, Kev and I settled into our matching recliners and shared a bag of cheeseballs which was totally inappropriate considering the topic of scrotums that we were about to watch.

Here are some key points of the show……….SPOILER ALERT:

1)  Wesley (scrotum guy) had this edema-filled scrotum for 5 years!  Every year, it grew 25 pounds until it reached the grand total of 132 lbs.. Wesley didn’t want to have it removed for fear it would ruin his potential sex life.  Really??  Did he honestly think that anyone would want to have sex with him while he was carrying around a humungous diseased scrotum?  Not much of an aphrodisiac, if you ask me.

2)  In order to corral and contain the thing, he wore an XXXXXL hoodie backward on his legs.  He put his legs in the sleeves and tucked his scrotum into the hood and then zipped up the sweatshirt.  Now…..that’s ingenuity!  Maybe The Learning Channel isn’t so bad after all.


Hoodie-encased scrotum propped on footstool. Poor Wesley…….a pretty awful condition.

3) Going into surgery to finally remove this sack of infection, Wesley asked the doc if he could save some of the scrotum so Wesley could sell it on ebay.  (Fortunately, the doc said no).

There was other “interesting” footage, i.e. bathing issues, toileting problems, and difficulties getting around in general.  Obviously having an enormous dysfunctional scrotum inhibits movement. This guy wasn’t gonna be participating in a flash mob anytime soon.  But – I’m pretty sure this episode is gonna  win an Emmy or something because the story was so captivating.

In all honesty, it truly was a sad predicament for Wesley and I’m glad he had his surgery and is able to live a normal life.  It had to be sheer hell for him.

You might be wondering…….have Julie and Kevin really sworn off watching The Learning Channel?  You bet we haven’t!  However, we carefully choose what TLC shows to watch and pretty much limit our viewing to “Say Yes to the Dress.”  The most shocking things we see on that show are cleavage and tatts (that’s not a typo, you perverts……’s short for tattoos).


10 thoughts on “The Learning Channel Should Be Renamed the Freak Show Channel

    • Well……my narrative doesn’t do the Wesley’s TLC episode justice, but I’m glad you enjoyed my take on it. You’ll have to catch his story on Netflix or whatever avenue you youngsters use to watch TV. As a follow up, Wesley is hoping to parlay his new found celebrity into having his own talk show. Hmmmm……any ideas as to a catchy title for THAT show? Nutsack News? Scrotal Hoodie Encounters (SHE)? Let’s Have a Ball? I’d love to hear some ideas from you………join right in!


  1. Oh, i cant tell you how happy I am that someone else (even someone in my own educated family) watched the man with the 132 pound scrotum. I felt so disgusted at myself for not being able to turn away. I was deliriously happy to see him driving around Vegas after the surgery, presumably picking up chicks and enjoying his drive – sex and car. I wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes and that my dear is what makes TLC the Learning Channel. I only watch the station cause you turned me onto Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms, so dont be playing innocent here. But, no doubt we have all moved on except for the ocassional freak show!! Eating cheeseballs You guys are cheeseballs of the perfect kind! Thanks for the great post


    • Love the sex/car drive comment you made…………..hilarious! And don’t go blaming your peeping Tom urges on me turning you on to TLC! You are the mother of all people watchers! When I accuse Kevin of “prying eyes,” he claims that he is a “trained observer.” Give me a break! I have to admit, I am back to watching Dance Moms. Shows like that just make me feel so much better about myself. Sad, but true!


  2. As always pretty funny. I saw the commercial about this show, but decided not to watch. I ma glad you did and wrote about it. Hey it could be worse, you could be addicted to Honey Boo-Boo and Kevin could be looking for the Amish Mafia. LOL


    • Indeed, Raffy…….it is easy to get addicted to some of those reality shows. I’m actually surprised that we have never tuned into Amish Mafia cuz that is right up Kevin’s alley!


  3. I couldn’t believe the guy waited so long to have it taken care of!… I too am addicted to certain shows on TLC…..say yes to the dress is my favorite…. thankfully we have 2 tvs or I probably would not be watching!


    • I know! Supposedly he didn’t have any insurance, but lots of people don’t have insurance and they qualify for getting conditions like this treated. Did you see the show? I felt really bad for the dude.


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