A Sick Trip…….(and I don’t mean sick as in awesome)

So……..back to the Vegas trip.  Kevin has 4 sibs.  He is the oldest, then Patti, then Mary Lee, then Mike.  Mike married my sister, Peggy so we’re double related!  Here is a pic of all us in Vegas before a night out on the town.

The Stoehr clan

The Stoehr clan

Towards the end of the week, Leah and Hazel drove the 5 hours from Salt Lake City and spent time with all of us in Vegas.  Dave and Mary Lee’s daughter, Jaimie, who is doing an internship in TV production at LA also flew in for a couple of days.  Jaimie and Leah are both extreme goofballs so….between them and Hazel bebopping around, Vegas became even more crazy! Here’s a pic of the 3 kids.



Sadly – the time to leave came too soon.  Kevin and I drove back to Salt Lake City with Leah and Hazel (and flew home out of SLC 2 days later).  Since we all had our own units in Vegas, we loaded up the leftover extra food, paper towels, bottled water, etc. in Leah’s little Juke and took off.

Leah, however, was not feeling too well.  Kevin drove with Leah squirming around in the front seat trying to get comfortable while I entertained Hazel in the back seat.  It is a straight shot on I-15 from Vegas to SLC and the speed limit is 80 MPH.  I felt bad for Leah cuz she was definitely looking green, but what the hell……she got to be by herself in the front seat with her pillow while I had to entertain a crabby toddler in the back.  Suck it up, Leah!

About 2 hours into the trip, all of a sudden I heard Leah grab a plastic bag and I knew what was coming.  Unable to get pulled over fast enough, Leah hurled into the plastic bag that, as it turns out, had a hole in the bottom.  Really?  Can’t CVS spring for more sturdy bags?  Don’t they know that people depend on those bags to puke in??

Now – I don’t do well with adult puke.  I have never been the good buddy who held my friends’ hair while they were barfing during my college drinking days.  So – this outburst of vomit in the car was tough for me to handle. But poor Leah was sick AND had to deal with puke all over herself, so I managed to rub her back (from as far back as I could stand) while she finished emptying the contents of her stomach along the side of the road once we got pulled over. (I’m gagging now just recalling this disgusting event).

Once I was done being the semi-consoling mother, I sprung into action looking for the couple of rolls of paper towels we had loaded into the car along with the bottled water.  In my frantic search for these items, I flung a bag of opened Sun Chips all over the car!  They went everywhere – in Hazel’s hair, in every crack and crevice of the car and mixed in with the puke in the front seat.  Chips and Dip anyone?!!

A pretty true depiction of what "things" looked like

A pretty true depiction of what “things” looked like

We finally got cleaned up enough to get on the road and try to find an exit with a car wash.  We got off at the first exit.  Now – you have to remember that we are in the wild west and there is not much between Las Vegas and SLC.  You actually see tumbleweeds rolling around.  So – at this exit, there was little but an old rundown Days Inn.  I can’t believe that tere were actually a couple of cars in the crumbling asphalted parking lot.  The Days Inn had a separate building with an old pool that anyone could access and is pretty much a lawsuit waiting to happen  But, it fortunately had a hose connected to a lime- encrusted spigot.  So we were able to clean up decently enough – the car and Leah.

To make a long story as short as possible……..after another puking episode (outside of the car, thankfully) and Hazel screaming and crying herself to sleep 2 times, we finally made it to Leah’s place in SLC.  We were all exhausted.  And to top it off, I got sick that night and was up all night with it.  And Leah didn’t even hold my hair (jerk). The virus truly was awful and I can’t imagine Leah having to deal with it while riding in the car.

The thing is……….the reason we planned to go back to SLC was to sell Leah’s car…….the car that she just puked in!  Talk about a setback.  Fortunately, Kevin is like Ray Donovan.  He is a “fixer.”  The next day, that man took Leah’s car to a car wash and totally cleaned the car inside and out……took him 2 hours.  He washed everything and then disinfected all the leather seats, carpeting, etc.  The vehicle looked awesome!  And he was able to make a good trade for it.  I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to disclose if a vehicle was thrown up in within the past 24 hours, do you?  Seriously – the car was thoroughly cleaned….we’re not that big of pigs!

So – that’s how I spent the last 2 days of my vacation…..in vomit purgatory!  I’ve been bothered by some pretty severe jaw pain as well because of some dental work in preparation for my oral odyssey which I’ll tell you about soon.  In the past week, I’ve dealt with the virus from hell, unbelievable jaw pain and now a really bad cold that I think is turning into a sinus infection.  I’m just a ball of fun!  No wonder these last couple of posts suck!  Don’t worry……..I’ll get better and start drinking wine again which will definitely lead to better blogging.  Thanks for hanging in there with me  :- )


6 thoughts on “A Sick Trip…….(and I don’t mean sick as in awesome)

  1. If and when I blog, I must remember to include pictures because that totally makes it real and awesome. However, seriously?? I could have done without the chips and dip picture. I can only imagine the scene in the car with people puking and flinging chips and trying to comfort a crying child as something similar to a car scene from Hangover 1 or 2. Speaking of which, returning from Vegas screams hangover, not virus….so, dont be trying to pull that sophomoric excuse with me (all of us readers). And no doubt in the heat of Vegas and SLC, the buyer of the pukemobile is probably looking for some sort of clause to get him out of that stinkin mess. Get better soon. Sounds as if you have a rough few weeks ahead. I do believe you need to stay away from SLC for awhile because you always seem to get very very ill while there.
    Great story, by the way…loved it – felt it!


    • Yep…….the scene from one of the Hangover movies is probably a pretty good analogy! Very funny about virus vs. excess drinking…….they do affect you about the same way which is why I could never understand drinking to that point. No thank you. As for the state of the car……..I don’t think it’s ever looked better, so I think puking in the car actually helped the resale value! Sorry about the chips and dip picture. It was rather graphic!


  2. OMG – this is funny and sad at the same time. I remember all the times the kids, specially Rafael, vomited in our minivan and recently in my truck. I can’t stand the smell of it or even cleaning it, but that’s life.


  3. I don’t do well with people throwing up either JUlie….. would rather change a diaper. Hope you are feeling better!!!!!
    I did love the blog though….. so descriptive!


    • Thanks, Patti……probably a little TOO descriptive! Finally feeling a little better, but not until this afternoon. Hopefully feeling better will continue because I have really missed drinking my wine! Have just been too sick to even think about drinking merlot!


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