A Helpful Reference Hint

Our friendly reference librarian here

Our friendly reference librarian here

Just a short reference post which is totally not humorous.  I’m gonna insert a lot of clip art and pictures in this post just to keep your attention (especially for my special ADD reader!).   I picked the “look” of my blog page because, well……..it was free!  I wouldn’t know how to customize my own blog if I read every tutorial offered……which I did and I still don’t understand the damn thing.

One of the things that bugs me about my blog page is the comment section.  I like to see the comments fall under the posts.  But…..alas, my cheapo page isn’t formatted that way.  The readers’ comments are my favorite part of any blog (my own plus others that I follow).  So – it’s a pretty important feature that I don’t want you guys to miss out on.

On my page, there are 2 ways to see the comments (and comments on the comments) on a post.  On the right hand side of the page there is a Recent Comments section.  If you have commented, you’ll see a crazy icon called a “gravatar” next to your name.  It is a specific design all your own……who knew??  This section with gravatars looks like this:


Colorful crazy looking gravatars in comment section. I uploaded a ridiculous picture of me looking ponderous for my gravatar

I think you can actually upload a picture in place of the gravatar even if you are just commenting and don’t have a blog..  For some of us, the gravatar is probably more appealing than our picture………..At the end of this post, I included a link to an article about creating a gravatar in case you’re interested.  No pressure…..this blogging realm is a world unto its own.  Anyway – you can click on the top comment and it will bring up all of the comments.  So – that is one way of seeing all of the comments.

The other way to see comments is just as easy.  In the top left corner under the date of each post, there is a comment indicator that says (number) comments.  If there are 6 comments it will say 6 Comments.  Just click on that and all of the comments will come up in order of oldest to newest so that you can see the history of the comments.

Comments link under the date at top left of page

Comments link under the date at top left of page

I know that all of my readers are much smarter than I, so this whole post is probably for naught.  I have to get used to the fact that I really am a “blidiot” and most people figure techno things out much better than I.  So………just give me a big fat DUHHHH on this one.

my mentor

my mentor


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