What You See in Vegas SHOULD Stay in Vegas


I’ve been to Las Vegas numerous times.  The first was when I was a dorky 10-year old (as opposed to this most recent time as a dorky 56 year old).  Dad had a veterinary conference at Caesar’s Palace and Caesar’s was a sight to behold…..still is!  I remember l was trying to look all cool…….rocking my two-piece plaid bathing suit…..my hair cut in a flat page boy with my bangs cut waaayyyy too short.  I had my spot on a comfy lounger by one of the many pools at Caesar’s when, all of a sudden, my big sister, Candy (who was truly rocking her two piece), gasped and nearly shoved me off my lounger.  Since I wasn’t allowed to swear at that age in my life, I probably said something like, ‘hey, cut it out, man.”  But then I followed her eyes to wear she was looking and right there…. not 5 feet away…. were Sonny and Cher walking on the pool deck.  They were bigger than life!   And that my friends, is the closest I’ve ever gotten to someone famous……I’m sure Sonny and Cher were probably saying to each other…..”look at the dorky little 10 year old thinkin’ she’s rockin’ her plaid bathing suit…..what a gas!”  (or maybe they said, “I think she has gas”……which was highly likely!)

This time around, my dear brother-in-law, Dave Borislow, as a gift to his wife, paid for all of the Stoehr sibs and their spouses to be together in Vegas last week.  Yeah….he’s a pretty good dude.  Our accommodations were lovely at the HIlton Grand Vacations Resort and time spent together was priceless.  Saw Journey one night and Jay Leno another night.  Terrific shows!  And truly a generous gift to all of us that Dave brought us all together.

Family gathering aside, there’s just something about Vegas.  It’s so unique and unusual.  Opulence and excess on one city block and blight and poverty on the next.  I’m not a big gambler.  If casinos took coupons, then I’d feel I was getting more for my money.  You have to gamble big to win big, and I just can’t throw that kind of money into a machine or a table and risk walking away with nothing.  I’m a gaming wuss.

The trend setting fashions are what intrigue me in Vegas.  It is unbelievable what people wear (or don’t wear, as is often the case).  We got an eyeful the first night out when walking through Paris casino.  We were walking along minding our own business and looking at the interesting architecture when 2 shapely women wearing nothing but cat ear headbands, pasties (you know where) and a fig leaf (placed strategically you know where) walked by.  That’s it……that was their dress for the night.  I think they might have been being escorted out of the casino cuz there were a couple of suits accompanying them.  I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to snap a pic and would never post such filth on my blog anyway (oh…who am I kidding…….I’m really pissed I didn’t get a picture so I could’ve posted it).  Good thing I didn’t wear MY pasties and fig leaf that night, too……..would have been a bummer to have 3 of us dressed in the same thing.

I did get a pic of this getup being sold for probably thousands of dollars at one of The Forum shops at Caesar’s.  Just think of all of the places your man could wear this!  This jacket and pant set screams style!

The perfect outfit for the man you love

The perfect outfit for the man you love

It’s times like this that I really wish I knew how to photoshop!  I would sooooo put Kevin’s head right on top of that mannequin’s.

There’s just so many styles of interesting Vegas dress.  It is a world of spandex on bodies that shouldn’t wear spandex, stilettos on women (and some men) who can’t walk 2 yards much less an entire casino floor in those shoes from hell, and the shortest of shorts that leave one’s exposed butt cheeks flabbing (I just made that word up) to and fro.  The Vegas strip is often a tasteless red carpet of sorts.  The Lady Gaga-esque fashions  are intriguing and the free entertainment of people-watching is often the best gig in town!

There’s a reason why they say that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ” Anyone dressed liked that in Hometown, USA would be laughed right out of the borough.  Best to keep all of those atrocious fashion styles in the one city that can handle it!


7 thoughts on “What You See in Vegas SHOULD Stay in Vegas

  1. Oh, this is a well written post that had me laughin my butt off. Great job. I do believe your husband has turned you onto the “free” people watching since he loves free and he watches everyone like a hawk. Perfect combination for him.
    By the way, I still have the autograph from Sonny. Cher was too uppity to give me one. I am astounded that you remember that since you obviously were much more concerned about who rocked the plaid two piece better. I am pretty sure I had boobs and you didnt. I win that one. You win all the rest.


    • Hahaha, Candy…….you definitely win that round in our childhood. I was definitely at a disadvantage since I looked like a weird boy in a 2 piece bathing suit and you had boobs and beautiful hair and all! As a matter of fact…..things remain the same to this day……geesh. I did forget that you got Sonny’s autograph. Might be worth some $$. Actually YOU are the ultimate people watcher, for sure (although you hit the nail on the head with the free aspect of it being Kevin’s influence). Glad you liked the post! Every time I go to Vegas, our family trip to Caesar’s comes to mind. And I think our teachers thought Mom and Dad were totally whack for taking their kids to Sin City!


    • Glad you liked the post! Absolutely, you can share the site…..the more the merrier! You can add anyone to the blog reader group and make them a member. I think you can do that by the tabs that you see on the top right of blog readers group (that’s where mine are). Or you can just give them the site address:
      https://sunburntmind.wordpress.com and they can become a follower or just go to the site whenever they want. Thanks for reading!


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