Changes in the Air

First of all…..HI…….  I’ve missed you guys!  I always think I’m gonna blog like crazy while on vacation, but being at a computer just doesn’t fit my vacay style.  Don’t fret about it too much……..I like you all a lot, really I do.  Anyway – I’ll be doing some major posting this weekend if I’m feeling better (more on that in a sec).  But – just wanted to touch base with some random shit.

IMPORTANT!!!I  If I could make that word flash in red, I would, but I only sprung for the free version of wordpress so I don’t have all the bells and whistles (I don’t like you THAT much!).  Anyway – I decided not to publish my post to be viewable to everyone on my Facebook page.  As you have noticed, I let you know about this post on the Blog Reader page.  So it’s only going out to you privileged readers.  Inquiring minds want to know….. “why this change?”  Well…….I am protecting my Facebook friends who might not appreciate the way I (sometimes saltily) express myself.  I borrowed this from funny woman, Jeanne Balaoing that says it all:

Sometimes things just have to be harsh

yep…..sometimes ya just gotta say it

So – I just didn’t want to offend my more sensitive friends.  Plus – my mom and some faculty I had in college are my friends on Facebook, so there ya go……

I mentioned about not feeling earlier in the post.  Nothing serious……just getting over a nasty stomach virus that has an entire blog post worthy of how that all came about.  I swear……….every time I’m with Leah and Hazel, something ridiculous happens.  So – more on that in another post.

Random thought for today – I hate the fact that summer is ending and when I get home from work, my deck sitting/wine sipping is curtailed due to darkness and chilliness.  But……. I love putting on my cozy warm jammies and slippers and curling up on the couch while the cool breeze wafts through the windows……

Here's a visual

Here’s a visual

On that disturbing note……..GOODNIGHT! (My husband just called me a “blidiot” after he took this pic of me for this post…… + idiot…….has a nice ring to it).


10 thoughts on “Changes in the Air

    • Hey…yeah……and we can have our own little book club discussion, too!! Better get here soon before it snows…..Thanks for reading and commenting on the post! I have a feeling you can add a lot to the comments/discussion…..hehehe


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