Sole Confessions

I’m already getting some pressure to post today…..which is absolutely fantastic!   OK….I’ll admit, it was a family member that begged for another post, but I’ll take what I can get.  So – let’s just pretend that thousands of people bombarded my blog with requests for another post because they just can’t make it through the day without reading about an embellished ridiculous adventure of mine.  Fortunately for all of you, I am really pissed about something that happened to me recently and such pissiness (I realize that is not a word, but just go with it, here), makes for an excellent post.  This is what happened……

My favorite sandals broke the other day.  They died as I walked to a meeting across campus.  I am thinking of suing the University. I’ve been distraught for days.

Now… the past, I have used a dinky shoe repair place for “mending of the sole” (sounds like church), but I have to admit…..this shoe place is not great.

I couldn’t get away from work today for lunch, so Kevin (he is such a dear), took my sandals to said dinky shoe repair shop that we have gone to before.  The thing is…..they often say they can’t fix my shoes!  Now, you smart readers might be asking, “why do you keep going to this shoe repair place, if they can’t fix your shoes?”  Excellent question! But – let me ask you this – have you ever tried to find a shoe repair shop?  There are just not that many around.  We live in a disposable world. Who the hell gets their shoes fixed??

The first time I took a pair of shoes to this bush-league shop , they were successful… repaired shoes looked great!  For the past 3 crippled pairs of shoes that I’ve taken there, this is the response I’ve gotten, “Oh no….can’t fix…sor-eeeee.”  Is that really what you want to say to customers?  Why don’t you just lie and try to fix my broken shoes?

But, really, these favorite sandals of mine looked like an easy fix.  Apparently this ambiguous shoe shop didn’t think so…..”oh no…..can’t fix… can try just glue yourself…..we no sew that…..bye.”  WTF…….why can’t YOU just glue my shoe?  Don’t you want to make a frickin’ buck and just glue it yourself?  You’re the ones with shoe glue, for Christ’s sake!  What would it take for you to shoot some glue in there, fix the damn strap, and charge me 50 bucks?

Whatever……I’ll do it myself, then. Hell -I’ve made glitter shoes, so I can do this! I’m just gonna shoot a shit load of glue into the seam of my sandal and shove (real fast) the part that needs to be fixed right into the glue. Hopefully I won’t glue my fingers to the shoe in the process.

Wish me luck……….and if you need your shoes repaired, give me a call ( I have a bunch of shoe glue).  Below is a pic of my poor shoe  coming apart at the seam/sole   :- (



4 thoughts on “Sole Confessions

  1. hey, this is in response to Sole Confessions, but it doesnt appear that it is. Defy your dear husband and toss out instead of repairing. They will never be the same. Something tells me this illustrious shoe repairer likes your shoes, but he doesnt like you. Have you been cantankerous there before?


    • Oh…I have to salvage these sandals…..they are so cute and unique. And I have always been thankful and pleasant when I’ve gone to this shop. Usually Kevin is the one that drops off and picks up my shoes and you know what a nice guy he is. Maybe the shoe repairer is independently wealthy and just doesn’t really need to be fixing shoes…….or his shop might be a cover for some other business (yikes!)


  2. I found the same to be true with shoe repair shops, which unbelievably we have a lot of in Pgh. What appears to be a simple repair seems to baffle them. And god-forbid you take them a pair of UGGS to repair–they won’t touch those!
    Try some Gorilla glue-it works wonders.
    I do like those sandals–they match pretty much everything you own.


    • Man… I glad to hear that I’m not the only one! I really don’t know why these people are in business when they can’t fix shoes! Glad I can’t afford UGGS or I’d really be mad if I couldn’t get them repaired. Thx for the tip about Gorilla glue – I’ll give it a try cuz there’s no way I’m giving up on those sandals……you’re right – they match everything I own 🙂


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