A Mistake of Historical Proportions

Today is an important historical day.  Do you know why?  I didn’t either, but this is how I found out:

I was enjoying my morning java on my deck with a cool stiff breeze blowing through my bed hair. On summer Saturdays I pretty much just crawl out of bed, brush my teeth half-heartedly, empty the half gallon or so of the previous night’s wine from my bladder, and proceed onto my deck to enjoy my morning coffee.  So – consider this fair warning that I’m a pretty ghastly site sitting out there Saturday morning, so don’t come a-visiting!  Anyway – my husband was doing some computer work inside while I was outside when, all of a sudden I see him out of the corner of my eye standing at the sliding deck door.  He opens it just a crack because, well…..the air conditioning is on inside and as the saying goes, “we can’t afford to air condition the outdoors too,” so all I see is half his face……half a double chin, half a lip, one nostril, and one eyeball sticking through the crack of the deck door.  He is saying something with a troubled voice, but I am only catching half the words coming from his half a mouth.  So – this is what I hear:

                today, historical, anniversary, first, walk, moon, awful, news

Jumping to conclusions, I leapt out of my chair to go inside and get the full story because I am really pissed with hearing what I think I just heard.  

Me: “Are you kidding me?  This is the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s debut of his moon walking and the news isn’t even mentioning it?  That’s terrible! After all that Michael Jackson has done for this country and he is dead and everything and we will never see him moonwalk again!”

Husband:  “No, you stupid ass…….today is historical because it is the 44th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon and it’s awful that this morning’s news didn’t even mention it.”

Man, was I relieved!


2 thoughts on “A Mistake of Historical Proportions

  1. That truly did come uot of a sunburnt mind. However, your description of yourself first thing in the morning was a work of art!


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