I Know I Twisted Your Arm To Read This

I’m not gonna say anything lame like “welcome to my blog,” because, well…..that’s just totally lame.  But congrats to you for discovering this blog…..even though I threatened  most of you through Facebook to get on here and read my posts or I would unfriend you.  Anyway – you found it, so….. well done.  I encourage you to read the About section because, quite frankly, that is a post in itself and I am totally exhausted after writing it. (I am laying down and resting right now).

OK…I’m back.  So  – if you read the About section like I told you to, you’ll know that I’m a little concerned about how my family and friends are gonna take this blogging thing.  To appeal to the younger crowd (like 80 and under), good writers have to be in touch with their audience and drop the occasional f-bomb, replace “heck” with “hell,” and use other imaginative words and phrases.  So – that is gonna happen from time to time depending on how much wine I’ve had.

I plan on blogging every other day or so.  And believe me – I have some real corkers of stories lined up and they’re all true with only about a thousand embellishments.  You’re probably thinking……..man – is she lazy with this every other day blogging shit.  HEY – I HAVE A REAL JOB, YA KNOW!  Anyway – thanks for reading.  Let the comments/replies begin……….and don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away………I have to approve your first reply and then you can comment all you want!  And……sorry, for slangin’ it up on my blog from time to time, but that’s the way we creative writers roll.


8 thoughts on “I Know I Twisted Your Arm To Read This

  1. Awesome!! I give you so much credit. I am going to assume that blogging relieves a tremendous amount of stress (which you are no stranger to). All 3 of your blog entries ended with much more swagger than they started with. I want to try this, but not sure I have the best stories. Your husband keeps you stocked with stories. I guess I will be checking this site everyday from my list of favorites. I cant wait to see the hotel door story – embellish the hell out of it!! I know you will.


    • Oh…..that story is in the making, although it hardly needs any embellishments! It’s gonna take me forever to write to truly do it justice! Thanks for following the blog 🙂


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